"We are a thriving IT firm passionate about innovative solutions through process driven techniques. We leverage on information technology as a pivotal tool for individual, corporate and societal change. We observe, think, solve and we Create.”

Cubiclab, ...crafted by technology



At CubicLab we make relentless effort towards research advocacy with a network of world-class research labs led by globally-recognized scientists and engineers.

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Identify Problems

With the increase in cut-throat competition and
commoditizing of a large number of software products and IT solutions we need to target the customer with solutions that best help solve the problem.

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Our solutions are deliberately designed to meet the need of our customer.

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We starts by specifying a result, defined as a specific, measurable, and realistic goal you want to achieve.

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Our Vision

To build solutions that will work in offices, homes and industries accross Africa.


Our Mission

To engage daily challenges by analyzing and solving them in order to achieve relevance and competence.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy buttresses on possibilities beyond us. We know that anything is achievable if we are consistent and committed thereby birthing unthinkable solutions

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